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Meet the team

Claudine Hauri

is an Associate Research Professor and currently serves as IARC's Acting Deputy Director. She has a background in biology, biogeochemical modeling, and observational oceanography and likes to apply her diverse tools to address the challenges of climate change.
IARC 206C+1 907 474 7059

Remi Pages

Research Professional

Brita Irving

Research Scientist
IARC 207C+1 907 474 5966

Addie Norgaard

Graduate Student
IARC 203

Wil Kleiner

Wil Kleiner is an artist and undergraduate geophysics student interested in climate change resilience


Sydney Wade

Undergraduate Environmental Chemistry Student


Jus Tavcar

Jus Tavcar is an M.A. student of Arctic policy at UAF. With a background in climate and energy policy, Jus is committed to advocating for a resilient and sustainable Arctic region. Before moving to Alaska, he worked for the Friends Committee on National Legislation in Washington, DC. Jus was born and raised in Ljubljana, Slovenia.