From physics to ecosystems to socio-cultural systems, the Arctic is changing more rapidly than anywhere else on Earth. As a result of climate change, Arctic temperatures are rising nearly four times faster than the global average (Rantanen et al., 2022). Sea ice loss, ocean acidification, freshening, coastal erosion, permafrost thaw, CH4 seepage, changes in food web dynamics, and increased shipping cumulate to unprecedented impacts on ecosystems and people in the Arctic and beyond (Huntington et al., 2020; Qi et al., 2022; Rees et al., 2022; Stroeve & Notz, 2018; Woosley & Millero, 2020)

To get a better understanding of the Arctic climate-ocean-ecosystem, we are collecting and analyzing data, and are developing a regional high resolution model. We are part of a multi-institutional effort and built the Chukchi Sea Ecosystem Observatory and are currently developing the Arctic MOM6-COBALT model