In collaboration with agencies, NGOs, communities, Indigenous knowledge holders, industry and other scholars we are working on combining different knowledge systems and tools to deepen our understanding of high latitude climate - ocean - ecosystem interactions. Our aim is to co-develop strategies to adapt to our quickly changing Arctic environment. To achieve this, we collect and use data from ships, moored sensors and autonomous platforms, and develop and use the output from regional biogeochemical models.

 We plan our research building on IARC's core values:

Grounded in place to conduct collaborative, useful, actionable science 

While living in Alaska, we build relationships with local and international Arctic communities and agencies to respond to the society's needs.

Innovation and expertise to understand the Arctic

We develop innovative technology based on data gaps and science needs.

Diverse and deeper understanding to address challenges of Arctic change

We are observationalists and modelers, and foster collaboration across knowledge systems and disciplines.


We live and work in the unceded homelands of the Lower Tanana Dena. We acknowledge this not only because we are grateful to Alaska’s First Peoples who have been in deep connection with their land and water for generations but also in recognition of the historical and ongoing legacy of colonialism. We are committed to improve equity in our lives and scientific institutions we work with.